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Customer Reviews

  • By Marty-L from Brighton
    22 July 2015
  • really helped my stretched lobes
    Before using this I had some very dry/sore skin within my stretched ear lobes. After using this a few times I could really feel a difference and it has made my piercings much more comfortable - I have already told all my mates about it so may as well tell you.
  • By Bobby-Dazzler
    03 March 2015
  • Great to bring old plugs back to life
    I read about this and thought I would give it a try. Instead of using it on myself I have actually been using it on some very old wooden tunnels I have. they are very dry and cracked, but this oil has really improved them and made them look and feel much nicer than they did. I would advise that if you have wooden tunnels to use this straight away rather than letting them get in a state like I did (whoops)
  • By Mac from Nova Scotia
    27 January 2015
  • Helped my skin lots
    I 2nd the review from Marty. This has improved the condition of the skin around my piercing so much. Would recommend this to everyone.
  • By Smart.Marty from Camden
    15 January 2015
  • Really helped my dry skin
    Fantastic. I have some very large stretched ear lobes and have dry skin inside of the stretch. I used have only used this a few times and can already feel the skin is much nicer.