Tragus Studs

Back in the day the only stud available to pierce Tragus piercings with was a Micro Barbell or Labret Stud. These are still very popular choices today, but it is nice to have a bit of choice and variety. Our Tragus Piercings Studs are now available in a wide choice of different shapes, styles, colours, designs & modern materials.

Check out our Helix Piercing Studs that can also be worn as Tragus Jewellery too.

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We love to wear Bioflex in our Tragus Piercings. Not only is it ultra comfortable but it also creates an invisible effect, which sets the front motif, charm or attachment off to it fullest potential. Bioflex Stems give body jewellery a classy look and helps match the jewellery to your other jewellery items. Tragus Piercing Studs can also be worn in numerous other ear piercings including all Upper Ear, Helix and Cartilage Ear Piercings.


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