Tragus Bars

Treat your Tragus piercing and buy a Karma Se7en Gold Tragus Piercing Bar. These pretty Tragus bars have a 9ct Gold Flat motif, which pushes into a Clear Bioflex Technology stem. The clear bioflex stem is a Labret Style Stem with the flat base sitting inside the tragus piercing appearing almost invisible. The Gold motif sits on the front of the piercing and is the part that can be seen.  Our collection of Gold Tragus Bars is available in a wide range of different styles and designs, all of which look fantastic in tragus piercings. Gold body jewellery adds a touch of luxury to tragus piercings, and as with all Karma Se7en Jewellery Cheap Price with Great Quality.

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By using 9ct Gold and Bioflex Technology in our Tragus bars we are able to offer you a Gold Tragus Bar at a fantastically cheap price. Also as the stem is inside the piercing and you don’t really want the back of it to be seen, Bioflex is a much better choice then making the complete bar from gold as this not only keeps the price low but is also much better for your piercing as Bioflex is completely Hypo-Allergenic and can even be worn if you have metal or nickel allergies.


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