Tragus Cuffs

Buy a Tragus Cuff and dress your tragus piercing in style. Tragus Cuffs are quirky pieces of tragus jewellery and have been designed especially for tragus piercings. They are made with invisible effect bioflex labret-style stems and Sterling Silver cuff motifs.

Tragus Cuffs fit the same as tragus studs, they are made with a clear Bioflex labret stem, which sits comfortably in the piercing. The flat back of the labret style stem sits flush against the back of the piercing, while the clear colour of the stem creates an invisible effect. And Sterling Silver Cuff Motif, which pushes into the stud to fit the jewellery securely in place. The Sterling Silver Cuff fits from the front of the piercing and the design wraps around the tragus to create a cuff shape.

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Our range of Tragus Cuffs are available in a range of popular styles and designs and are also available in a huge range of sizes so that you can you buy one that fits your piercing perfectly. 

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