Open Nose Ring Collection

Nose Rings have always been a popular choice for nose piercing jewellery, but one thing that sometimes puts people off wearing a nose ring is the fiddly or tricky way of fitting them or attaching the clip in ball. Well if you are one of this people that really want to wear a nose ring but find it hard to fit the ball back into place in BCR style nose rings, then these Open Nose Rings are for you!

Why are open nose rings so easy to wear? An open nose ring as the name suggests, has an open ‘gap’ in the ring, rather then being a complete hoop. On one side of the ring is attached a small flat disc which sits inside your nose piercing; on the inside of your nostril and holds the ring into place. Once fitted into your nostril piercing you cannot see the gap of the ring at all as this is concealed inside your nose piercing, once fitted the open nose ring looks like a complete hoop.

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As open nose rings are such popular pieces of nose piercing jewellery we sell them in a wide range of colours and materials. Choose from real 9ct yellow and rose gold, G23 Titanium or Surgical Steel. You can also choose from a range of sizes so you can buy an open nose ring that fits your nose piercings perfectly.

If you love the bohemian look and feel of a nose ring in your nose piercing, you will also love our collection of Faux Septum Clickers. Wear them clipped onto your septum and they look just like a septum piercing; no piercing required.