Mouth Piercing Jewellery

Mouth piercings are body piercings placed in or around the mouth area, the most popular being Lip Piercings, Labret Piercings, Monroe Piercings and Tongue Piercings. Some more specialised mouth piercings are Frenulum and tongue web piercings. To buy mouth piercing jewellery for frenulum and tongue web piercings see our Curved Barbells and BCR’s in our Body Jewellery Shop. Browse our extensive Lip Piercing Jewellery and Labret Piercing Jewellery and read why we recommend wearing Bioflex over Titanium and Surgical Steel in lip and labret piercings. Our Tongue Piercing jewellery has been designed to look great in tongue piercings, but to also feel great too.

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What is the difference between Lip Piercing Jewellery and Labret Piercing jewellery? Nothing, Lip Studs and Labret Studs are exactly the same thing, and can be worn in all Monroe, Lip & Labret Piercings. A Labret Piercing is the same as a Lip Piercing except Lip Piercings are placed directly below the lip line, where as labret piercings are placed further down towards the chin. Due to this placement you can wear Lip Rings in all lip piercings, but not in labret piercings.

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You can also Buy Piercing Barbells, Buy Labret Studs & Buy Ball Closure Rings to wear in your Lip, Labret, Monroe and Tongue Piercings.