Diamond Monroe Studs

Add a touch of genuine glamour to your Monroe piercing with a Real Diamond Monroe Stud. No stone shines like a real diamond and with one of these beauties twinkling on your top lip you will be center of attention for sure. Unlike CZ stones, Real Diamonds have a life of their own and reflect the light back shining and sparkling with intense radiance.

Diamond Monroe Stud - 2pt Real Diamond

Product Code: KD-MS-01


Customer Reviews

  • By Mini.Mel from Chester
    25 August 2015
  • Prettiest labret stud EVER!
    I didn't even know things this pretty existed. OMG I'm in love with it and cant see myself taking this labret stud out of my piercing.
  • By Chantelle
    27 February 2015
  • Diamond Monroe Stud
    What a brilliant Monroe stud! It looks better than I imagined and the diamond looks better than any CZ stone. This is well worth the money and the service from Karma Se7en was great.