Large Gauge Piercing Rings & BCR's

Our selection of Large Gauge Piercing Rings and BCR’s start at 2mm and go all the way up to 10mm. There are various diameters depending on what jewellery you choose from. Large Gauge Piercing Rings are worn in stretched up piercings such as Prince Albert Piercings, Nipple and Septum Piercings. Every piece has been precision manufactured from Quality 316L Surgical Steel or Titanium.

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Our Selection of Large Gauge Piercing Rings including Ball Closure Rings, Smooth Segment Rings, Bar Segment Rings and Internal Screw Rings. To help you change your large gauge piercing rings invest in a pair of Ring Opening Pliers, which help to remove and fit the ball easily. Internal Screw in Ball Rings remove all clip-in pieces, and the ball simply screws into the ring.

Once you have stretched up your piercing by one size, you need to fit a piece of jewellery in the piercing until it is completely healed and you can stretch up to the next size.