Large Gauge Piercing Barbells

Our selection of Large Gauge Piercing Barbells start at 2.0mm and go up to 6.0mm thick. The lengths start from 8mm up to 22m except for the 2.4mm barbell which is available in 6mm as well as the other lengths mentioned. Or in gauges they start from 12g to 2g. If you are looking to stretch up a particular piercing from the beginning you will need to start at 2mm in thickness (12g) and then work yourself up to the desired size you require. Depending on where the piercing is will depend on what length barbell you will need.

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Karma Se7en's Large Gauge Barbells are precision manufactured from 316L Surgical steel and have 2 externally threaded surgical steel balls, which can both be removed. The reason we sell this type rather than the standard one fixed ball barbell is for easy cleaning and easy access to certain piercings. It has been known that if you tighten the ball up to much using a piercing tool it can be very difficult to undo the ball, with both balls being removable it's much easier to get access to piercings in tight places. Ensure your stretched piercing is healed completely before stretching up to the next size barbell. Clean your Piercing regulary with a Piercing Cleaning Spray to ensure a healthy and clean piercing.