Large Gauge Circular Barbells

Surgical Steel Large Gauge Circular Barbells are extremely popular pieces of large gauge jewellery due to both balls being unscrewable and them being extremely easy to fit. They have a horseshoe shape, which is why they are often referred to as horseshoe barbells. You could say circular barbells are half ball closure rings and half barbells. They have the rounded shape of a BCR and threaded screw on balls of a barbell. Circular Barbells add more weight to piercings then BCR’s or Barbells so if you want the weight of the jewellery to naturally stretch your piercing over time, choose a slightly large internal diameter for even more weight.

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Our Large Gauge Circular Barbells are precision manufactured from Quality 316L Surgical Steel. They have Internally Threaded balls, which leaves the stem completely smooth, perfect for delicate areas or newly stretched piercings. Keep your stretched piercings clean to ensure healthy healing. Choose from our selection of Handy Piercing Cleaning Solutions.