Gemstone Labret Studs Made with SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES

All our beautiful Gemstone Labret Studs have been Made with SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES. Gemstone Labret Studs add a touch of luxury to your Labret Piercings. If you are looking to buy a special Labret piercing stud then you will love these Genuine Gemstone Labret Studs Made with SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES.

Our Labret Studs are made using Genuine SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES such as Amethyst, Pink & Blue Sapphires and Passion Topaz Gems. SWAROVSKI reveals the optimum brilliance and colour of each genuine gemstone with its precision Natural Brilliance Cut & Round Star Cut. SWAROVSKI Precision Cut maximises the light return from each stone, which results in a higher brilliance gemstone.

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Each SWAROVSKI GEMSTONE is hand-set into a 9ct Gold claw setting which pushes securely into the Bioflex Technology Stem. The Bioflex Stem is a Labret-Style stem, is extremely comfortable and also sets the Genuine Gemstone off to its maximum. By using a Bioflex Technology Stem with our Gemstone Labret Studs Made with SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES we are able to offer you a beautiful and luxurious labret stud at a fantastically cheap price. Bioflex is a fantastic material to make labret studs from, as the soft material feels great insidethe mouth and reduces any friction and irritation. Bioflex is also completely Hypo-Allergenic and can even be worn if you have metal or nickel allergies.

SWAROVSKI is the premium brand and a leading manufacturer of precision-cut genuine gemstones. Each genuine gemstone is crafted to satisfy the strictest standards for quality, colour, size, and shape.


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