Gold Labret Studs

Fed up of wearing Steel & Titanium in your lip piercings? Perk your piercing up and buy a gold labret stud. Gold Labret Studs add a touch of luxury to lip & labret piercings. By wearing gold in your Labret Piercings it is easy to match your labret & lip piercings with the rest of your jewellery items. As with all our body jewellery, our Gold Labret Studs have been designed to look fantastic, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear. 

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The pretty Gold Motif push-fits into a Bioflex Technology Labret-Style stem. Bioflex is Clear in colour, soft, flexible and extremely comfortable in mouth and oral piercings. The soft back of the labret stem helps to reduce friction and irritation on your teeth and gums.


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