Diamond Labret & Lip Studs

Our Diamond Labret & Lip Studs are truly beautiful pieces of body jewellery. The 2pt & 3.5pt Genuine Diamonds have been hand set into 9ct Gold claw settings, which insert into a Bioflex Technology Labret Stem. Bioflex is an biocompatible & Soft material, perfect for lip & labret piercings as it reduces any friction and irritation inside the mouth. 

Looking for something similar? Check out our radiant Gemstone Labret Studs Made with SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES or our complete collection of Labret Studs.

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At Karma Se7en, we only use the highest quality diamonds sourced to meet the requirements set by the Kimberley Process, meaning no conflict diamonds have been used within any of our body jewellery.

Karma Se7en only uses suppliers we've built up a relationship with and we trust. Together with the Kimberley Process this web of trust between Karma Se7en, our suppliers and the Kimberly Process is a valuable safeguard in making sure the diamonds used by Karma Se7en are sourced responsibly.

Customer Reviews

  • By Shammy
    25 August 2015
  • Worth Every Penny
    I'm going to keep it short and sweet - this Diamond labret stud was well worth the money and I would recommend it.
  • By Carol from Uk
    04 February 2015
  • stunning labret stud
    Never thought I could afford to buy one like this and now I own 2 thanks to buy one get one free. Really happy with the quality and look of this stud was thinking of giving one to my sister but I'm going to keep it just incase I misplace this one
  • By Alice Mitchum from California
    12 December 2014
  • 3.5pt diamond lip stud
    Brought one for me and got a free one for my friend at collage. They are absolutely amazing. The stud is stunning. Arrived quickly and came in cute little boxes. Feels super good too
  • By Dianne from Wimbledon
    27 November 2014
  • diamonds are a girls best friend
    This is beautiful. I'm so glad I splashed out to buy this. Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend was soooooo right. Got another one free so got 2 for £30 made it an amazing buy.
  • By Sven A from Hoekelum. Netherlands
    22 September 2014
  • 'Diamond Lip & Labret Stud
    I cant believe how fast pacckage came, i had to order over the phone , but the person who answered was amazing, they knew every item they stock, and reminded me of the buy one get one free offer, This jewellery is pretty and comfortable to wear.