Helix Earrings

Helix Piercing Earrings or Helix Rings look fantastic in all upper ear and helix piercings and it is so easy to make your Helix Piercing look completely unique. Every ear is distinctive; with different shapes, folds and sizes, this means even if you have the same helix earring as someone else it will still look different in your piercing. Helix earrings worn in helix piercing placed higher up the ear will have a completely different look to helix earrings worn on lower placed helix piercings.

At KarmaSe7en UK we have a huge range of helix rings that you can buy online and have delivered direct to your door. We have put together a range of helix earrings that all work in slightly different ways; from BCR style rings to Continuous Rings or Easy Fit Rings, so you can have fun creating new looks by trying out different style helix rings in your piercings.

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As with all our body jewellery collections style is important, but so is comfort. There is no point in having a great looking helix earring if it hurts to wear! All our helix earrings have been designed for comfort as well as style. Helix Earrings create an almost cuff-like look as they circle around the helix from front to back cuffing the outer rim of your ear. As well as different styles and shapes our collection of Helix Earrings is available in a variety of materials so you get to choose from Real Gold Helix earrings, Sterling Silver Helix earrings, Titanium and Surgical Steel Helix Earrings. We also have various finishing touches from bright enamel to glistening jewels.

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