Helix Bars

Our Collection of Helix Piercing Bars add a unique twist to Helix, Cartilage & Upper Ear Piercings. Helix Piercing Bars are available in a few different styles, Helix Piercing Bars have a sterling silver design on both sides of the bar, Helix Piercing Bars give the impression that the charm has punctured through the ear.

Helix Piercing Bars are also available with cute charms which hang down from the helix piercing adding wow factor and uniqueness to your helix piercings.

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Our Helix Piercing Bars are adaptions on Classic Body Piercing Barbells, but instead of 2 removable balls, they have have a silver sculpted charm on either side. Once side is completely attached and the other is removable and simply screws on to fit the jewellery.

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You can also Buy Tragus Studs & Helix Piercing Studs to wear in your Helix Piercing.