Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery

Eyebrow Piercings are popular with both Men and Women. It is essential to pick the correct eyebrow piercing jewellery to wear, because truthfully eyebrow piercing can look ugly with the incorrect jewellery in. Our range of eyebrow piercing jewellery has been put together to combat some of the biggest no-no’s that are often seen with eyebrow piercing jewellery.

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Some of these tweaks to our eyebrow jewellery collections are - All the charms on our eyebrow bars have been designed so that the detail always faces forward. As well as Surgical Steel we also offer eyebrow bars with a Bioflex Technology Stem to create an almost invisible effect.

Before body jewellery started evolving in to specific pieces of jewellery for each piercing, the options for eyebrow piercings were limited with the choice being a plain barbell or plain BCR, these can often be seen being worn too small or too big, which will enflame and irritate the piecing making it red, sore and weepy. Not the best look for a piercing, especially a facial piercing! Buying the right size eyebrow jewellery is essential.


Let us help you choose the right eyebrow piercing jewellery, by following these simply tips.

  • Choose whether you want to wear an Eyebrow Bar or Eyebrow ring. If your piercing is particularly small eyebrow bars are recommended over eyebrow rings, as rings can pull the piercing down making it look unsightly.
  • Measure your piercing and buy the right size eyebrow jewellery for your piercing.
  • If you have chosen to wear an eyebrow bar, take into consideration the size balls you want to wear. If you are looking for a petite look, buy an invisible style eyebrow bar or a barbell with 2mm or 3mm Balls on it. If you want something a bit bigger and more noticeable buy an eyebrow bar with 4mm or 6mm balls.