Eyebrow Bars

Being on the face, eyebrow piercings are very visually impacting and choosing the right eyebrow jewellery is important so that it reflects your individual style and face shape. Whether you are looking for a unique, petite, bold or a classic eyebrow bar you will find it in our hand selected collection of eyebrow bars. Our collection of eyebrow bars include straight stem bars, curved stems and Bioflex stems which are light-weight and also flex to the shape of your brow.

Our eyebrow bars are modern adaptations of barbells and curved barbells with pretty & funky attachments, unusual charms, eyebrow shields, cones and balls. Or check out our complete Piercing Barbells which are also traditionally worn as eyebrow bars.

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Eyebrow Bars sit flat against the face, with the charms or balls sitting on either side of the piercing. To ensure that only the balls and charms are seen without seeing the bar, you need to select a bar that is the right size for your piercing or choose a bioflex bar; as the clear colour creates an 'invisible' effect.