Tragus Jewellery

Tragus Piercings are so popular now, and for good reason, with the right jewellery tragus piercings look fantastic.  It can get boring wearing plain Labret Studs, Barbells and Ball Closure Rings as Tragus Jewellery. Tragus piercings are such a pretty and interesting ear piercing that you deserve a large range of jewellery to choose from to dress your tragus piercing properly. At Karma Se7en our experienced team will always bring you the latest trends at the best price.

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We have brought together a massive collection of interesting, quirky and unique tragus piercing jewellery that has been specially designed to fit tragus piercings perfectly as well as looking fantastic. Our collection of Tragus Jewellery includes pretty dangling tragus earrings, unqiue tragus studs, quirky Tragus Rings, exclusive real diamond tragus studs, tragus cuffs & genuine Swarovski gemstone tragus cuffs.


We love Bioflex Stems on Tragus Piercing Jewellery, the clear colour of the stem creates an invisible effect and sets off the sterling silver motifs and charms brilliantly.


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