Ear Lobe Studs, Hoops & Earrings

Here at K7 UK we have hand picked a range of pretty & funky ear lobe studs, hoops and earrings for you to buy from. With a wide range of different styles and designs to choose from you will be sure to find something you love. As well as classic ear studs and hoops, we also have unique ranges of wooden tribal earrings & slave earrings, ear jackets and ear climbers too.

Ear Lobe Studs, Hoops & Earrings can be worn in all standard size ear piercings and are suitable for children & adults alike. As well as our modern and fashionable designs you can also choose from different materials including 925 Sterling Silver, Surgical Steel and natural wood and horn. To read more about the types of ear piercing jewellery, press read more below.

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Whether you are looking for plain and simple studs, kids earrings, ear rings or something more spectacular for your ear piercings you will find them here at K7 UK.

The different Types of Ear Lobe Piercing Jewellery

Ear Studs; Ear Studs have a straight post that is usually 0.8mm in size. Attached to one end of the post is the design that is worn at the front of your earlobe piercing. A classic Butterfly back is used to secure ear studs in place and simply pushes onto the back of the post. Unless otherwise stated Ear Studs are sold in pairs.

Ear Hoops; Ear Hoops are either completely round rings or half hoops that wrap around your earlobe. Again they have a 0.8mm post and can either fasten with a butterfly back or a stem that slips into the back of the ring. Unless otherwise stated Ear Studs are sold in pairs. 

Slave Earrings; Slave Earrings connect 2 ear piercings together with a chain or attachment. They are made up of a ear stud that is worn in your earlobe piercing, attached to this earstud by a chain is a second earstud that is worn in another of your ear piercings placed higher up your ear. The gauge of slave earring is 0.8mm a standard ear piercing size.

Tribal Earrings; Tribal earrings are hand carved from Bone, Horn or Wood. They are made with 2 parts, the pin stem that is worn through your earlobe piercing and the carved earring that hangs down from your earlobe. To fit - slip the wood earring over your earlobe so the hole match up tto your piercing, then simply push the wood pin through both the earring and your earlobe. Tribal Earrings are sold in pairs.

Ear Climbers; Ear Climbers are also known as Ear Vines. At one end of the Climber is a 0.8mm ear stud post that is worn through your ear lobe piercing, the climber then sits flat against your ear and 'climbs' up the edge of the ear. The long and extra long climbers are attached with a cuff so you can clip them round your pinna (ear cartilage) to keep them in place. Ear Climbers are sold in pairs.

Front & Back Earrings / Ear Jackets; Ear Jackets are the lastest in highend fashion earrings. They have their roots firmly in the body piercing industry and have been redesigned for the mainstream ear piercing market. Ear Jackets are made from 2 parts, the ear stud that is worn through your earlobe piercing and the 'jacket' which is worn at the back of the earlobe and hangs down from below your earlobe. Ear Jackets are sold in pairs.