Cartilage Jewellery

After ear lobe piercing, Ear Cartilage piercing is probably the most common ear piercing in the UK. Ear Cartilage piercings can be placed anywhere from the start of the cartilage above the earlobe, right up and around the top of the ear. Whether you have one ear cartilage piercing or multiple cartilage ear piercings you will be sure to find the right jewellery for you within our Cartilage Piercing jewellery collections.

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You can wear Labret Studs, Body Piercing Barbells, Ball Closure Rings & Circular Barbells as Ear Cartilage Piercing Jewellery, or you buy cartilage ear jewellery that has been designed exclusively for ear cartilage piercings.

Our collection of Ear Cartilage Jewellery includes Unique Cartilage Cuffs & Shields, Cartilage Piercing Earrings, Scaffold & Industrial Bars for joining up 2 cartilage piercings, even Clip on Cartilage Cuffs & Earrings. Body Jewellery is very versatile and adaptable and many pieces can be worn in many different piercings. Cartilage Earrings and Studs can also be worn in tragus piercings, while our collection of Tragus piercing Jewellery can be worn in Cartilage ear piercings.

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You can also Buy Tragus Studs, Buy Lip Jewellery, Buy Labret Studs, Buy Piercing Barbells & Buy Ball Closure Rings to wear as Cartilage Ear Piercing Jewellery too.