Front & Back Ear Jacket Earrings

Ear Jackets as they are known in the USA or Front and Back Earrings as they are known in the UK are a new and innovative way of dressing up your simple ear piercings. Ear Jackets have their roots firmly planted in the piercing and body jewellery industry; they are hybrids of the navel Bananabell that lots of people started wearing in their ear lobe piercings.

Ear Jackets & Back and Front Earrings are really simple to wear yet they create a unique and elegant ear stud with a twist. They are made from 2 parts; the ear stud with its butterfly fastening and the 'jacket'. To wear them simply insert the ear stud into your ear piercing, slip the ear jacket onto the back of the post and then fit the butterfly backing, which holds everything securely in place.

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Ear Jackets can be seen everywhere right now; from the girls on Made in Chelsea to super famous models like Cara Delevingne.


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