Industrial & Scaffold Jewellery

Industrial and Scaffold bars are extra long Barbells that can be worn to connect 2 cartilage ear piercings together. Our Scaffold and Industrial Bars all have funky attachments added which sit in the middle of the bar, the attachments can be slid along the bar so that it sits where you want it to, and where it looks best in your individual ear.

If your scaffold piercing is taking it's time healing, change the long Scaffold bar for 2 Piercing Barbells or BCR's until both the piercings are healed.

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What is the difference between a Scaffold Piercing and a Industrial Piercing?

Scaffold Piercings usually span across the ear between 2 cartilage piercings that have been pierced parallel to each other; usually on the forward Helix and the outer edge of the ear.  Industrial Piercings usually span from the top of the ear to the bottom; most often the lower piercing placed in the bottom of the Conch and the upper piercing placed at the top curve of your ear.


If you want to make a scaffold piercing from your existing cartilage piercings it is most likely that unless otherwise specified the piercings are not placed directly opposite each other, But dont worry you can still create a Scaffold Piercing by using a flexible barbell extension which will join up any cartilage piercing no matter where it is placed along the ear.