Septum Rings

As septum piercings are becoming more and more popular with both men and women, it is only natural that the choice of jewellery should grow to. You now have a choice of wearing classic body jewellery items like Ball Closure Rings, Circular Barbells and Barbells, as well as choosing from a range of specially designed Septum Rings called Septum Clickers.

If you don't have a Septum Piercing but love the look, check out our Faux Septum Clickers that require No piercing at all.

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Septum Clickers have 2 advantages: they are easy to fit with their simple hinge mechanism and they are very decorative, featuring jewels and funky designs. Septum Clickers give septum piercings a completely unique look and have been seen on Celebs such as Rihanna. Septum Clickers are the must have jewellery for septum piercings and as they are so easy to fit you will find yourself chaninging your septum jewellery more often: Great if you love shaking your style up!