Large & Heavy Gauge Body Piercing Jewellery

Large Gauge & Heavy Gauge Body Piercing Jewellery is worn in body piercings that have been stretched larger then the standard 1.6mm size.  Popular piercings to stretch are Nipple Piercings, Septum Piercings, Conch Piercings, Genital Piercings and of course Ear Lobe piercings. When stretching your ear lobes you are more then likely going to wear Plugs & Tunnels, but you can also wear large gauge jewellery too. You can even mix and match and wear a large gauge circular barbell through your tunnel. The advantage to wearing large gauge jewellery in your ear lobe piercings is that the extra weight of the jewellery helps to naturally stretch the lobe, so you can just insert the larger sized jewellery once the lobe has stretched enough. If you are stretching your earlobes check out our Ear Lobe Stretching Jewellery.

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You may have heard of the names P.A Bars, P.A Rings, Prince Albert Bars or Prince Albert Studs: these are all different names for Large Gauge Barbells, Large Gauge Piercing Rings and Large Gauge Circular Barbells.

If you know you are going to stretch your piercing from the very beginning you can ask your piercer to pierce you straight away with a 2mm or 2.4mm cannula needle, this way you miss out the first few stretches. Conch Piercings, Ear Lobe Piercings and Genital Piercings can all be pierced in this large size. If you have your piercing pierced with a larger needle you will start wearing large gauge body jewellery straight away.