Crystal Evolution Body Jewellery

Crystal Evolution Body Jewellery is the world’s no#1 in deluxe and exclusive designer body jewellery. Our Collection of Crystal Evolution Belly Button Jewellery is full of quirky, unique and individual designs. As well as the latest fashion led designs, Crystal Evolution Bananabells are Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals in all types of colours and shapes.

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Crystal evolution belly bars are made in a variety of materials, while every piece has a Surgical Steel stem some have Solid Silver motifs while others are casted from surgical steel. The Sterling Silver pieces have No gloss seal giving the pieces texture and stunning sparkle, the crystals set against the bright shiny silver give a luxurious and opulent look to belly piercings. The surgical steel pieces have a Epoxy gloss seal which completely encase the crystals and gives a smooth polished finish. Every piece of Crystal Evolution is set with Swarovski Elements Crystals.

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Every single piece of Crystal Evolution Body Jewellery is set with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystals, which adds to the luxurious look and feel of the piece. To ensure that your Crystal Evolution Belly Bar stays in perfect condition and stays looking as good as the day your buy it, all the crystals in the Surgical Steel Belly Bars have been covered with a glass-like resin finish, which creates a gloss seal that not only keeps all the crystals in place but also gives a perfectly smooth high shine finish.  Crystal Evolution Body jewellery is simply first class! Buy Crystal Evolution for your piercing and you will not be disappointed.