Piercing Tools

Body Piercings Tools help you to Fit, Remove, Change & Stretch your piercings without the need to visit your piercer! Piercing Tools at Karma Se7en UK are very cheap in price, but not in quality! Each piece is made from quality 316L Stainless Steel and is a great investment. If you have Ball Closure Rings in your piercing that you find hard to change, then look no further and invest in a pair of Ring Opening Pliers which will help you fit small balls more easily, especially in tricky places like the Tragus piercings & Rook piercings. Ring Opening Pliers also make opening large gauge ball closure rings easy too, the extra leverage helps to remove and fit the ball.  Stretching Tapers will stretch your piercing from your size up to the next size. e.g a 3.2mm Taper will stretch a piercing from 2mm to 3.2mm.