Body Piercing Retainers & Hiders

Sometimes it is not practical for your piercings to be seen. Work, Collage, School, Special Meetings, Weddings, etc may mean that you are asked to remove your piercings. We all know that if there is no jewellery in your piercing for a period of time, the piercing will close up. Although you may be happy to remove the piercing for a short time, you do not want it to close and for the piercing to be lost! Well these handy body piercing retainers hide the piercing so that it is less visible while keeping the piercing open until you are ready to put your old body jewellery back in.

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Retainers are not only used as hiders for hiding piercings, they are also used for keeping piercings open during operations & surgeries, medical procedures, dental visits, pregnancy and other situations. Body Piercing retainers contain no metal so are safe to wear during X-rays, Scans and MRI’s.

You will be so pleased with how comfortable these piercing retainers are, especially the labret retainers that you may opt to wear Bioflex Body Jewellery in your piercings all the time. Check out our full range of Bioflex Technology Body Jewellery