Body Piercing Barbells

Body Piercing Barbells along with Ball Closure Rings & Labret Studs are the original pieces of body piercing jewellery. Most other pieces of body jewellery are adapted from a Barbell. Curved barbells are exactly the same as Body Piercing Barbells except they have a curved stem.  Body Spirals are Body Piercing Barbells with a twisted stem. Circular Barbells are barbells with a stem curved almost into a horseshoe shape. Body Piercing Barbells along with the afore mentioned pieces of jewellery all work on the same concept.  A Stem with a thread on each end, and 2 threaded balls that screw onto the ends of the barbells

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There are now many variations of barbells, which have all been developed for specific piercings. Scaffold Bars are Extra Long Barbells with designs and motives along the stem. Tongue Bars are barbells with a larger or flat ball. Nipple Bars have forward facing designs & Tragus & Helix Bars have extra dangling adornments.

Wear Body Piercing Barbells in almost all piercings including Nipple Piercings, Eyebrow Piercings, Tongue Piercings and most types of ear piercings.

Piercing with Body Piercing Barbells - There are both pros and cons to wearing rings in your body piercings, most body piercers will allow you to choose either a bar or a ring for your initial piercing, depending on the type of piercing.



  • There are many adapted Barbells designed for specific piercings.
  • Body Piercing Barbells are easier to fit, remove & change then Ball Closure rings.
  • Body Piercing Barbells sit snug against the skin, making it harder to catch or tear the piercing.
  • Body Piercing Bars are an economical and cheap piece of body, though as with all Karma Se7en Body Jewellery, Cheap in Price, Never Cheap Quality!


  • Body Piercing Barbells fit by screwing the ball onto the stem, although ball can usually be screwed onto the bar very tight, they can sometimes wear themselves loose and the ball can be lost, or the jewellery can fall out completely.
  • The balls on the Body piercing barbells sit against the hole of the piercing sometimes obstructing it and making it harder to clean. If you are being pierced with a barbell take special care when cleaning, and make sure you get round the back of the ball and clean any lymph off of the stem and ball.