Body Jewellery Accessories and Balls

Body Jewellery Balls and Accessories can be added to any piece of body jewellery to replace lost or misplaced balls and accessories. Sometimes balls and accessories can work themselves loose and if they are not checked they can fall off. Body Piercing Balls and Accessories are very cheap in price and replacing the ball or accessory is very affordable and much cheaper then replacing the entire body jewellery piece.

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Body Jewellery Balls and accessories are not just for replacing lost balls, but are a cheap way of changing the look of the body jewellery. For example why not add 2 cones to the end of a Nipple Barbell or add a clear jewelled ball to your Labret Stud.

Body Jewellery Balls & Accessories come in a vast range of different shapes and designs. They are also available in different sizes too. 1.2mm Gauge Body Jewellery Balls and Accessories are also referred to as Micro size. 1.2mm / Micro Balls can be added to any 1.2mm Gauge / micro threaded body jewellery stems.  1.6mm Gauge Balls and Accessories can be added to any 1.6mm Gauge Body Jewellery Stems.

Buy Body Jewellery Balls and Accessories to add to your Tongue Bars, Nipple Bars, Lip & Labret Studs and Belly Bars. Buy Micro Body Jewellery Balls & Accessories for your Eyebrow Bars, Lip, Monroe & Labret Studs and all your intricate Ear Piercing Jewellery: Tragus Studs, Helix Bars & Cartilage Jewellery.