Ball Closure Rings - BCR's

Ball Closure Rings are a staple of the body jewellery world! And is one of the original pieces of jewellery available when body piercings hit the mainstream. You may have heard of ball closure rings also being called BCR’s, Captive Ball Rings and Body Piercing Rings. When you hear the term Lip Rings, Tragus Rings, Eyebrow Rings & Nipple Rings, these are all Ball Closure Rings, or variations of Ball Closure Rings. Although the exception to this is Tongue Rings, as Ball Closure Rings are never worn in standard Tongue Piercings, Barbells are used but they have picked up the name tongue rings!

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Ball Closure Rings are made from 2 simple pieces - A ring with a gap, and a ball with 2 dimples. The ring is simply clipped onto the dimples in the ball. The tension of the ring holds the ball firmly in place. Wear Ball Closure Rings in your Lip Piercing, Nipple Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, Nose Piercing, Belly Piercing, Tragus Piercing & almost all types of ear piercings.

Piercing with Ball Closure rings
- There are both pros and cons to wearing rings in your body piercings, most body piercers will allow you to choose either a bar or a ring for your initial piercing, depending on the type of piercing.


  • Ball Closure Rings fit very securely and very rarely come loose, which is ideal for fresh piercings.
  • Ball Closure Rings do not obstruct the holes of the piercing (unlike Barbells and Belly bars) which makes cleaning the piercing very easy. 
  • Ball Closure Rings are an economical and cheap piece of body, though as with all Karma Se7en Body Jewellery, Cheap in Price, Never Cheap Quality.


  • Ball Closure Rings can be tricky to fit, small BCR’s can be fiddly to fit in intricate piercings, and large gauge BCR’s can be tough to open. Ring Opening Pliers are available to help make fitting BCR’s a piece of cake.
  • Ball Closure rings either hang down from, or stick out of the piercing and can catch more easily on clothing, belts and hair.
  • Ball Closure Rings can weigh down the piercing & pull on the skin. Especially on Eyebrow and Belly Piercings. Sometimes this can lead to Migration of the Piercing. Always make sure you buy the right size Ball Closure Ring for your piercing to help reduce any risk.