Dermal Anchor Piercing Jewellery

Dermal Anchor Piercings are growing more popular due to them being able to be placed almost anywhere on the body.  It is extremely effective to place dermal anchors around and inside tattoo designs. Tattoo designs come to life with Dermal Anchors placed with them, especially Pink and Clear Jewels and Crystals inside flowers and Black and Red Crystals inside Skull eye sockets. The possibilities are endless.  Unlike other body piercings once the anchor is fitted into the skin it cannot be easily changed, but don’t worry! you can change the look of the jewellery by replacing the screw-on head/top with a different design or style.

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Dermal Anchor Heads are Internally threaded which means that the threaded post is on the ball, and it screws into the stem, which is hollow and threaded on the inside. This way of threading not only removes the thread from the outside of the stem, reducing irritation, but it also means you can buy extremely flat accessories as well as larger 3D accessories for your dermal anchor piercings.

If you are a beginner you may find it easier with a pair of dermal anchor pliers to hold the stem of the anchor while unscrewing and refitting the replacement top. Read more about dermal anchors and their application.