1.6mm Gauge Jewellery Accessories

1.6mm Gauge Body Piercing Accessories come in all different shapes and sizes. By simply changing the ball on your 1.6mm body jewellery will greatly change the look and feel of your body jewellery.

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What’s Popular? Threaded Cones come in different sizes and colours and are popular added to either end of a barbell for eyebrow, nipple and bridge of the nose piercings.

Jewelled and Crystal balls are extremely popular added to labret studs and worn in Lip, Labret, Monroe & Medusa Piercings, Tragus, Helix & Conch Piercings.

Wear flat and smooth accessories on your tongue bar for a comfortable tongue stud.

Express your individuality by wearing complimenting or matching accessories or your piercings, or choose colours that clash for a brighter eye-catching look.