Ordering Information

We endeavour to make the ordering process as simple as possible for you. To order a product, you must first click on the item you are interested in purchasing to see the specifications of the product, along with price and weight details. Click the 'Add To Basket' button to add the product to your shopping basket.

Much like shopping in a regular store, your shopping basket keeps your items safely held waiting for you while you continue browsing for other products to purchase. Whenever you add a product to your basket a confirmation notice will show you exactly what you have just added and at what price. You can click ‘View Basket’ (at the top of the website) at any time to see your basket, which has a listing of the products you have chosen as well as a total price before any shipping costs have been added. You can change the quantity of any item from the Basket page. All of the items in each basket must use the same delivery method, so if you would like to use different delivery methods please place the orders separately.

When you have finished adding all of the items you wish to buy to your shopping basket, you can click on the 'Secure Checkout' button to begin the submission of your order. You will be greeted with a page requiring your email address as well as your contact, billing and delivery address details. Please ensure that you verify all of the information you supply, and always check that the details you are submitting are correct. If you would prefer, you can specify a different delivery address to your billing address Click on ‘Continue’ to move on to the next stage.

The 'Payment And Shipping Method' section will allow you to choose your delivery service and enter your payment details. A total amount including shipping will be shown, as well as a breakdown of the products you have ordered.

If you are absolutely sure that your order is correct and you have entered all your payment details correctly, click on 'Make Payment' to finish and submit your order to us. A final breakdown of products with a total cost including shipping will be displayed, and a confirmation email will be sent to you at the email address you specified when placing the order.

Your order will now be with us, ready to be processed!

An SSL Certificate allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login credentials to be transmitted securely. An SSL Certificate issued to an organization and its website verifies that a trusted third party has authenticated that organization’s identity. The browser lets the customer know that the website is secure, and the customer can feel safe browsing the site and entering their confidential information. One of the most important components of online business is creating a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases.  When you go to our checkout you will see the site goes from HTTP to HTTPS and the padlock appears. If you do not see this on other sites you shop on we would highly recommend not to pass on your credit card details.

Karma Se7en use ALPHA SSL - http://www.alphassl.com You can visit their site or click on the SSL image below to verify us.

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