About Karma Se7en UK

We started out in the body piercing and body jewellery world back in the 90’s with the opening of Harrow's (London -England) first body piercing studio. Not only did we supply Harrow and the surrounding boroughs with first class body piercings, we are also highly thought of for our superb aftercare and advice for many people who had bad experiences elsewhere or who needed help with badly fitted jewellery, lack of aftercare advice or just plain jewellery and cleaning advice. We also supplied information and aftercare advice to the media and many TV and News programs.

In our UK body piercing studio we trained many piercings students to become professional body piercers who went on to open their own body piercing studios throughout London and the UK.  Our own studio became so popular we had to extend our opening hours and add 2 extra studios to be able to service all the returning customers and their friends.

At the beginning of the 1999 we moved on-line opening the UK’s and the world’s first body jewellery website. We knew that consumers living in small towns could not easily get the correct body jewellery for their piercings, and had limited choice on colours and styles. Our ethos was to supply a huge range of body jewellery, especially specialised items such as large gauge body jewellery, small and large stem lengths and every jewel colour available on the market.  We were also the first website to offer stretching tapers, which allow you to stretch your own piercings rather then visiting the piercing studio every time you wanted to stretch to the next size up!

After selling our Body Jewellery Website back in 2009, again we helped the body jewellery market move on by supplying body jewellery that was designed for each specific type of body piercing,  we were fed up of seeing a plain body piercing barbell being used in so many different piercings, sometimes not looking very good!  For example our range of Upper ear studs and Helix Bars are specially designed for helix & upper ear piercings, based on the classic barbell they have been given a twist specially for ear piercings.  We have done this with all our ranges of body jewellery, nipple jewellery, designed especially for nipple piercings. Tragus jewellery created to look fabulous in tragus piercings. 

We are also very conscious of the materials we use in our body jewellery. After selling our body jewellery website back in 2009 we knew there was a demand for Gold, Diamond & Gemstone Body Jewellery. Though due to the rising Gold and Diamond prices there was no reasonably priced Gold or Diamond body jewellery available on the market. We manufacture all our Gold and Diamond Body jewellery in the UK by hand and have incorporated it with a Bioflex stem to keep the cost down for consumers, but also to create an ‘invisible’ effect to really show off the gold and diamonds to its fullest. We are always finding new ways to make body piercings look and feel great. Providing body jewellery in beautiful luxury materials that look great, but more importantly feel great too.

We love body jewellery that has been specifically designed for each individual piercing.  Gone are the days when one barbell or BCR is the only jewellery available for all your piercings.

We love correctly fitting body jewellery that looks great but most of all feels comfy.
       We Dislike Body Jewellery that is too small and squeezes the piercing making it red, sore and irritated.
           We Dislike Body Jewellery that is too big and wiggles around in the piercing, especially Lip Piercing & Monroe Piercings.

We love High Quality Body Jewellery at a cheap affordable price.
          We dislike Cheap, bad quality body jewellery that makes piercings sore or irritated.

We Love luxury materials that glimmer and sparkle in body piercings.
       We dislike substandard materials that chip, peal and look tatty after a few weeks of wearing.