Gold Nose Rings & Circular Barbells

Gold Circular Barbells and Rings are very versatile pieces of piercing jewellery that can be worn in almost all body piercings.  Gold body Jewellery is an extremely popular choice for piercings and gives piercings a elegant and luxurious feel, always ensure like ours its nickel free gold.

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Gold Rings are complete circular hoops that are usually closed with a clip in ball, hence the name Ball Closure Ring. Our Gold Rings are made from solid 14ct or 9ct Gold.  Gold Circular Barbells are a horseshoe shape rather then a complete ring and instead of a clip on ball, they have 2 threaded balls. Again they are available in both 14ct and 9ct Gold.

Wear gold rings and circular barbells in your Tragus Piercings, Eyebrow Piercings, Nose Piercings, Nipple Piercings and all upper ear piercings including Rook, Diath and Helix piercings.