Gold Nipple Piercing Jewellery

14ct Solid Gold Circular Conebell

Product Code: KG-CBB-03


Customer Reviews

  • By Robert from Barnsley
    28 May 2015
  • Gives a Great look to my piercing
    I love he old-school look with my eyebrow piercing an this great gold circular barbell defiantly helped me get that. Everything I had read about the service from this site was all true too. Great Service
  • By Brett from Middlesborough
    30 April 2015
  • Can't Get Any Better
    Like the title says you cant get any better than this, The service, price (with 2-4-1) and quality of the body jewellery was the best I have experience online.
  • By Darren from Daventry
    06 February 2015
  • Very happy with my new gold circualr barbell.
    I splashed out a little bit and got this gold circular barbell to wear in my nipple piercing (Since I got a 2nd one free I guess I should get my other nipple pierced now lol). I know that they are expensive compared to other standard CBBs that are about but I think they have been worth the money they look and feel great, and don't forget that they are 14ct gold and not surgical steel. I would also recommend the company to anyone as the service was top class.