Gold Replacement Body Jewellery Balls

By adding a gold replacement body jewellery ball to your current body jewellery you can completely change the look of it. Especially when they are added to Labret Studs and Barbells where only the ball is seen. 

Lost a ball from your Gold Body Jewellery? Don’t worry you do not have to replace the whole piece of jewellery you can buy a replacement ball from K7 and use it on your gold body jewellery.

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We do not recommend that you wear gold body jewellery inside your mouth, as it can become discoloured. But by adding a gold replacement ball to your steel or titanium labret stud and wearing it in your Lip, Labret, Monroe and Medusa Piercing all you will see is the gold ball.

Gold Replacement Body Jewellery Balls are available in both 9ct and 14ct Gold and also available in white or yellow gold. 1.6mm Replacement Balls can be worn on any threaded 1.6mm body jewellery. 1.2mm Replacement Micro Balls can be worn on any 1.2mm threaded body jewellery.