Solid White Gold Belly Bars

Solid White Gold Belly Bars are such a beautiful choice for your navel and belly button piercings. If you love the luxurious feel of solid gold but prefer a silvery white colour then our collection of white gold belly bars are for you. Each stunning piece of white gold belly piercing jewellery is crafted from 9ct White Gold and is set with range of Cubic Zirconia crystals in different shapes and sizes.

Whether you are looking to buy for yourself or are buying a gift for a friend or loved one you will find something perfect in our range of white gold belly jewellery. Plain and Simple, Crystal encrusted, Dangly and Reverse belly bars we have it all for you to choose from. And if white gold is not your think we have a large range of 14ct Yellow Gold Belly Bars and 9ct Yellow Gold Belly Bars for you to buy from too.