Welcome to Karma Se7en UK the place to buy quality body jewellery.

We love Body jewellery to look great, but it has to feel great too. While all our Body Jewellery is cheap in price, it is never cheap in quality. All our Body jewellery is all crafted from high-grade materials and has been manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring quality but cheap cost body jewellery.

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Looking to buy deluxe body jewellery? Well look not further! Choose from Real Diamond Body Jewellery, Gold Body Jewellery, Beautifully designed Sterling Silver Body Jewellery, and Precious Gemstone Body Jewellery along with classic Body Piercing Jewellery such as Titanium Piercing Jewellery, Black PVD Titanium Piercing Jewellery & Surgical Steel piercing Jewellery.


Browse our Classic Body Jewellery pieces such as Barbells, BCRs and Labrets Studs in our Body Jewellery Shop.
We want body piercings to look special and believe, as much care should go into choosing the right piece of body jewellery, as you would choose any other piece of jewellery. Our extensive ranges of unique body jewellery have been designed specifically for individual piercings, and with our large body jewellery ranges to buy from we will ensure you find the perfect piece of body jewellery for your piercing.

We invite you to indulge in our website, where you’ll be amazed at the extensive choice and undeniable value, we deliver our Body Jewellery all over the world and all orders placed before 2.30pm GMT are sent out for next day delivery.

Social Responsibility
At Karma Se7en, we confidently maintain high standards of social and environmental responsibility, through responsible mining, and can guarantee that all our diamonds are conflict free, having been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.

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